Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 2011 Circle Challenge

Tuesday is my little girl's Seventh birthday!  Wow does time fly!

Well, I sent the family to the mountains to play in the snow and I set to work on this banner to celebrate her special day.  It's her name with a cupcake at each end.  The banner came from Tie The Knot and the little crowns and cupcakes came from Once Apon A Princess.
Here are a couple close up pictures too.

Behind each crown and cupcake is a rosette of ribbon.  They are so easy and quick to make.  I took an 8 inch strip of wired ribbon.  I removed the wire from one side of the ribbon and took both ends of the other side and pulled them out to gather the ribbon in the middle of the strip of wire. Then I twisted the two sides together to form a loop.  I glued the tips of ribbon that come together and I am done!

Aly loved the banner and she can't wait to hang it her newly decorated bedroom!

Happy Birthday, Aly girl!!


  1. Happy birthday Aly. What a gorgeous banner Jodie, love the little pink crowns.

  2. Very cute Jodie. Aly is going to love it! It has just enough sparkle to give it a little pizzazz! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY!!!


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