Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 2010 Challenge

Hello fellow scrappers! Obviously I didn't get a camera for Christmas.  Hopefully, I will get one for my birthday!  We'll see.  That's in March!

Well, on to December's Challenge.  I created an explosion box with a giftcard pocket in the bottom.  I always feel bad when I give someone a giftcard.  There is no present to open.  My project solves that problem and it is a great way to give family pictures to a loved one.  If I was doing this for a birthday present, I might take pictures of the recipient through out the year and include them in the box too.  It is really many gifts in one.

I had so much fun with this little box.  I actually cut the box and lid out on my Expression using a Gypsy file I created.  I just had to snip the corners where the E didn't cut and I had a perfect set of layers for my box.  The lid was cut at 5.125 inches.  I scored an inch all the way around, cut tabs at each of the corners and folded and glued the tabs down. Piece of cake.  The little cuts inside the box were made using my new favorite holiday cart -- Jolly Holidays.  It is soooo cute!!

So, let's see did I meet the requirements?

  • Use atleast 2 Cricut Cuts - I sure did! and more!!
  • Use a tag made with a cartridge (there are so many great tags on so many cartridges!) I cut a basic tag from George I think!
  • Use the color red somewhere. Tons of red on this little project
  • Use ribbon. Got ribbon on the lid and the bow on top of the box!!
  • Use a phrase from one of the cartridges. Used Happy Holidays from Jolly Holidays!!
Yeah!!  I did it!! Well, I am so glad I got this one done.  Actually, I've had it done and I gave it away already, but I'm just getting to posting it. Better late than ever!

Happy New Year!!


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